German Mechatronics Society — DGM e.V.

German working group —
Arbeitskreis Mechatronik an Hochschulen

Having two meetings a year since 1999 our working group "Arbeitskreis Mechatronik an Hochschulen" is a forum to exchange experiences of professors involved in mechatronics at German universities.

We meet round robin always at another university where one of our members kindly acts as host. That permanent change of locations sustains the exchange of experiences substantially.

Any expert involved or interested in mechatronic topics in education or research is welcome. A membership in DGM or the Fachbereichstag isn't required. We want to stay an open platform for all interested. If interested, kindly note most of the conversing and talks being in German language; for details please refer to our German pages.

Often with a regional touch by our hosts, different topics are dealt with by invited talks from industry, reports from universities, scientific or standardising bodies and societies.

Special thanks go to the colleagues Prof. Dr. Reiner Dudziak and Prof. Dr. Harald Loose having had the foresight to originate this mechatronics network back in 1999.

Rev. 1 (16.01.2017)