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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mechatronik (DGM) e.V.

The Mechatronics Association Germany — Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mechatronik e.V. (DGM for short) was founded by the members of an informal national working group in Germany in the year 2004. The society promotes Mechatronics as a still quite young engineering science.
This we do in the fields

  • university education
  • science and technology
  • bilateral transfer of know how between university and industry

Particularly that means

  • public relation work to promote the mechatronic paradigm in engineering sciences
  • supporting interdisciplinary research, development and education
  • facilitating transfer of know how to the mechatronic industry

These goals are implemented in different forums:

  • Arbeitskreis Mechatronik an Hochschulen (AK) — the German working group for mechatronics at universities
  • Fachbereichstag Mechatronik (FBT) — the organisation of mechatronics faculties
  • international Network of Mechatronics Universities (REM)
  • as well as by any single member of DGM e.v.

As an independent non-profit institution we work with all universities, transnational and transregional (i.e. over all federal states).